Associate of Bible Studies
A.B.S 101: Sound Biblical Doctrine
Discover the Great Unknown: Our Incredible Human Potential. Examine sound Biblical Doctrine. Explore the biographical method of Bible study. Recognize summary chapter method of Bible study. Discover the key to building a personal relationship with God.    Study an Old Testament survey.  (5 credits)
A.B.S. 102: Study Science in Religion
Identify, Understand, Feel the Truth and Importance of, and Apply Gospel Doctrines and Principles. Study the Major Prophets in the Old and New Testament. Study the coming of the Messiah through the promises in the Old Testament. Study science in religion.  Study God’s and the remedy for sin. Examine education in theology. (8 credits)
A.B.S. 103: Character Quality Method of Bible Study
Consider the character quality method of Bible study. Explore Godly wisdom through sound Biblical doctrine. Examine the synthesis method of Bible study. Discover the analysis method of Bible study. Identify key Scripture Passages and Basic Doctrines. (5 credits)
A.B.S. 104: Survey Method of Bible Study
Examine Biblical terminology concerning Scriptural wisdom. Consider the book survey method of Bible study. Search topical method of Bible study. Identify the characteristics of God.  (5 credits)
A.B.S 144: Thematic Method of Bible Study
Explore various Bible translations. Discover the verse-by-verse method of Bible study; examine the book synthesis method of Bible study. Explore the thematic method of Bible study, and examine the biographical method of Bible study (5 credits)
A.H.C. 144: History of Christianity
Explore the foundation of the Christian church. Discover the original form of church government. Examine oppression from Roman rulers.
Briefly, examine the Crusades (AD 1095-1275). (5 Credits)
A.B.S 155: Natural Theology vs. Natural Revelation.
Focus on Natural Theology vs. Natural Revelation. Explore Philosophy vs. Theology. Examine Selectivity vs. Holistic truth. Study Pre-evangelism vs. Authoritative Proclamation. Study biblical probable truth vs. truth. Identify formal vs. personal faith. Discover appeasement vs. biblical accountability. Finally, examine the biblical novelty vs. legacy. (8 credits)
A.C.Phil 101: Psychological approach for the existence of God
Study arguments for defending the Christian faith. Examine the discussion for the historical approach and psychological approach for the existence of God.  Gain insight for defining God, his triune attributes. Discover God’s omnipresent, omnipotent, and eternal permanence. (5 credits)
A.C.S.Ph. 177: Christian Science Philosophy
Focus on a philosophical, biblical presupposition approach to the origin of life. Define space, time, matter, and energy. Explore structures and entities. Examine reductionism. Study interconnectedness and wholeness, diversity in creation. Identify predictability, causality in relatively straightforward, dynamic, and law obeying systems. Define evolution, the brain, mental consciousness, and the history of nature, according to the Bible. (15 credits)
A.C.Phil-140: Biblical Worldview
Examine man in God’s image by design. Discover a Biblical Worldview on the fallen condition of man. Focus on defending your Biblical view of God’s existence. (5 Credits)
Degree major-related essay, 50 pages (15 credits)
100 major-related practicum hours (20 credits) Total credits: 101
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