Associate of Christian Philosophy
A.C.Phil 101: Psychological approach for the existence of God
Study arguments for defending the Christian faith. Examine the discussion for the historical approach and psychological approach for the existence of God.  Gain insight for defining God, his triune attributes. Discover God’s omnipresent, omnipotent, and eternal permanence. (5 Credits)
A.H.C. 144: History of Christianity
Explore the foundation of the Christian church. Discover the original form of church government. Examine oppression from Roman rulers.
Briefly, examine the Crusades (AD 1095-1275). (7 Credits)
A.C. Phil.102: Metaphysical Dimension of God
Study Ethical Theism. Study the Metaphysical Dimension of God. Identify the transcending qualities of God. Discover Spiritual traits of a Christ-centered faith.  (8 Credits)
A. C.Phil-140: Biblical Worldview
Examine man in God’s image by design. Discover a Biblical Worldview on the fallen condition of man. Focus on defending your Biblical view of God’s existence. (5 Credits)
A.C.Phil. 144: Progressive Theology
Focus on comparing and contrasting intellectual thinking versus a form of enlightenment or revelation. Differentiate tangible philosophical evidence.  Identify Religious Mysticism. Examine progressive theology. Study philosophical factors; born into a religion. Also, review the Council of Nicea. Consider the political climate during the time authors aggregated the Bible into a single book. (8 Credits)
A.F.G.F. 145 The Spiritual Attributes of Christ.
Explore God’s promise of Jesus as the Messiah. Examine the Ministry of the Messiah. Discover God’s perfect sacrifice humankind. Compare and contrast the Biblical terminology of the law and God’s grace. Investigate the Spiritual attributes of Christ. Study the Triune nature of God. (5 Credits)
A.B.S 155: Natural Theology vs. Natural Revelation
Focus on Natural Theology vs. Natural Revelation. Explore Philosophy vs. Theology. Examine Selectivity vs. Holistic truth. Study Pre-evangelism vs. Authoritative Proclamation. Consider probable biblical truth vs. reality. Identify formal vs. personal faith. Discover appeasement vs. biblical accountability. Finally, examine the biblical novelty vs. legacy. (5 Credits)
A.F.G.F. 155: The Ministry On Social Media
Examine the ministry on social media. Identify environmental principles for sharing faith through internet outreach. Identify Old Testament examples of environmental analysis. Use environmental analysis to plan strategies of evangelism. (5 credits)
A.C.Phil 111: Theology and Philosophy
Investigate Thomistic Philosophy. Examine faith and reason. Analyze the existence of reality. Discover problem of the existence of God. Consider the 'theologies of essence.' (5 credits)
A.C.S.Ph. 177: Christian Science Philosophy
Focus on a philosophical, biblical presupposition approach to the origin of life. Define space, time, matter, and energy. Explore structures and entities. Examine reductionism. Study interconnectedness and wholeness, diversity in creation. Identify predictability, causality in relatively straightforward, dynamic, and law obeying systems. Define evolution, the brain, mental consciousness, and the history of nature, according to the Bible.  (15 Credits) 
Degree major-related essay, 50 pages (15 credits)
100 major-related practicum hours (20 credits) Total Credits 103
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