Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can people verify the authenticity of Forest Bible Institute?
A: Absolutely, and we encourage people to check out the school of their interest before enrolling. Potential students may view FBI's listing under Religious Exemption institutions on the Washington Student Achievement Council's official website.

Q: If FBI is a real school, why no accreditation?
A: Schools may operate in their home state under Religious Exemption. Different states have different requirements for religious exemption. Forest Bible Institute is in full compliance with exempt religious status. Yes, the degrees are legal.

Q: Do Forest Bible Institute's diplomas resemble those of other schools?
A: Of course, FBI's degrees are no different from those of other schools. Our transcripts and diplomas are professional and engraved with the Bible institute's seal.

Q: Do instructors have legitimate degrees?
A: Yes, all instructors have both religious and secular degrees and years of experience in Christian education.

Q: I noticed FBI's tuition is extremely low, why?

A: Unlike other seminaries, we are in the business of providing Christian education, not ripping off people.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, please ask. Forest Bible Institute offers discounts to veteran's, prisoners, disabled folks. Other situations may also qualify for discounts of up to 50% off tuition. All payments are interest-free.

Q: Included in a graduation package?
A: A diploma and two official transcripts. Please note: additional transcripts cost $8.00 each.

Forest Bible Institute strongly believes in the separation of church and state; therefore, at this time, FBI does not have regional accreditation. We do have an independent religious review board that evaluates FBI's programs, but it is not a requirement for a religious exemption in Washington State. Please see South Carolina extension for more on theological review.

Forest Bible Institute, established by a board of directors and articles of organization, has a constitution, and by-laws. Forest Bible Institute associates with the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc. for tax-exempt purposes recognized by the I.R.S as a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization.