Masters of Ministry

M.Min 301: Ministerial organizational skills
Focus on ministerial organizational skills. Examine effective Biblical outreach. Analyze the traits of healthy Biblical relationships. Explore religious vocations and goal oriented success. Develop appropriate Biblical cross-referencing skills.  Students study the nature of education and theology. (5 credits)

M.Min 346: Biblical Ministerial study.
Examine an advanced Biblical Ministerial study.
Discover various functions of a Biblically guided ministry. Focus on sharing the Gospel with potential believers. Examine devotionals and put together your own scriptural based devotional. (5 credits)

M.C.Admin 450 Biblical Management Principles
Distinguish spiritual resources. Explain spiritual gifts. Examine how leaders work together in the ministry. Summarize what the ministry of management includes. Recognize the qualifications for religious leaders. Study biblical guidelines to make decisions. Explore how to train leaders and followers. (5 credits)

M.Min 302: Biblical Professions, Roles, Duties, and Capacities
Examine the Biblical definition of marriage and gender roles. Discover the role of a Pastor and or Evangelist, and the Christian lay worker. Study the power of prayer and fellowship in the ministry. (5 credits)

M.C.Ed: 345 Formation of Educational Theory
Focus on the Formation of Educational Theory. Study the Nature of Theology and Education. Identify categories of Theology. Examine Systemic Theology. Explore three Education Formats. (5 credits)

M.C.Ed 304: Biblical Life Management Tools
Examine God’s spiritual and general order in design, create lesson plans. Through God’s order discover Biblical life management tools. Explore a surveying the Old and New Testaments. Develop applicable Biblical cross-referencing skills.   (5 credits)

M.C.C. 444: Thirteenth-century French Bible of God designing the world. 
Study the truth about science in the Middle Ages and the foundation of the new Roman Empire. Explore Gerbert's knowledge of ancient philosophy. Discover the origins of the flat earth myth. Identify, a case for logical proof that God exists. Examine the conscious and the natural philosophy of Plato. Examine thirteenth-century French Bible of God designing the world.  (5 credits)

M.C.E.H 477: on Exegetical Fallacies.
Focus on Exegetical Fallacies. Examine The Evidential Fallacy. Study The Superior Knowledge Fallacy. Explore Word Fallacies.  Identify the fallacy of reading between the lines. Observe the Hebrew verb fallacy. Study the fallacy of ignoring particles.  Explore the Fallacy of Reduction. Study the New Testament Exclusion Fallacy.  (5 credits)

All Master degree candidates are required to do a thesis; of at least 150-pages. A third party company will edit the paper (at students cost.)  (15 credits)

 Finally, students will complete 200 contact hours in a degree-related occupation.   (10 credits)   

Total credits 65

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